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World Piano Day

22 Mar 2025, 19:30
AMUZ Antwerp
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Support Act:

Laureates World Piano Day Awards 2025

Main program:

Music from Johan Famaey and Dirk Brossé

with Italy as main theme.

World Piano Day AMUZ Antwerp

Composer and pianist Johan Famaey will celebrate World Piano Day 2025 with a cinematic and Italian-inspired program in which the piano takes center stage. The leading roles are played by concert pianist and Italian salterio player Johan Famaeyconductor Dirk Brosse, symphonic orchestra and concert violinist Marina Martín Maldonado.



Dirk Brossé - conductor

symphonic orchestra

Johan Famaey - concert pianist 

Marina Martín Maldonado - concert violinist

Meet the Team

We are determined to enchant our audience with pure and genuine entertainment on this third edition of World Piano Day. Our ultimate goal is to unite people for an unparalleled experience, where they completely lose themselves in a piano-symphonic and cinematic world.

Let yourself be carried away by Johan Famaey, Dirk Brossé and Marina Martín Maldonado with the expert guidance of the symphonic orchestra.